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-for the ultimate in artistic gymnastics dvds-



Nelli Kim Montreal 1976 Olympics, english, 35min.

1978 Moscow News Traing Doc. covers the Russian womens Team preparing for this meet, vcd, russian, 30 min

1979 Gymnastics Boom- ABC Special, fair, english, 35 min

Are You Going  To The Ball?, VCD, Russian, training doc.

More than a Game, VCD, english, sports doc. feature story on E. Mukhina

N. Yurchenko docu., vcd, russian, some great footage

Nadia-from Romania with Love, VCD, english, couple picture problems

Gymnastics Greatest Gymnast, m/w, includes Olga, Nadia, Ludmilla, 1hr 28min

Greatest Sports Legends- Olga Korbut, english

Greatest Sports Legends- Mary Lou  attempts to  interview Nadia, english

The Lives of Nadia and Katerina Witt- a comparison piece

Nadia Documentary- 1 is circa 1985 and what´s happening with her as a coach, 1 is after her escape to the USA and the Nadia/ Bart show etc.

Nadia Returns to Romania, english, good documentary with Bart

Best Female Gymnasts, features Olga, Nadia and many others, 1hr in german

Ennia Cup Julianne MacNamara special, english, 30min.- NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Bela´s Girls-  20/20 Documetary on training circa 1986, 18 min.

Romanian Team Special features the future 96 womens team, italian, 12min.

Romanian training program, french, 30 min.

The Romanian Dream- in depth documentary- the developement of World and Olympic Champions beginning with a tryout at 6years old. Great Nadia footage never seen.

HBO Kim Zmeskal Special, english, couple tracking problems and slight  hum under, still very cool stuff! 1991, 27 min.

1994 Belarussian Team Training Video, VCD, Good

Shannon Miller Interview Clips 1992-1996 lots of focus on Barcelona and Atlantas future. 43 min.

Kerry Strug interviews and clips after Atlanta

After Atlanta- various clips- interviews of the Mag 7

Anything to Win, Documentary on the Mag 7, excellent docu.!!

What makes Milo fly?, vcd, very good, documentary about Lavinia after 92 training for 96, very cool

Parkettes the making of an Elite, english,  1hr.

E- Special- in depth interviews and documentation of USA gymnastics from Team Gold in Atlanta to the hopes in Athens

Art of an Athlete, Great documenatry on Dominique Dawes - her start- before and after Atlanta- her current carreer moves

Nadia-the movie, the story of Nadia´s discovery in an elementary school by Bela. Her training/ personal life and competitions etc. Great Marcia Fredericks gymnastics, also starring Joe Bennett

The Dream-Body Perfect Movie- very enjoyable and informative concerning eating disorders etc., Cathy Rigby etc..

The Gymnast, vcd, fair, circa mid 80´s, very cheesey, this is so bad you have to watch!!! Another gymnast MUST make it to Worlds. whatever...

Little Girls in Pretty Boxes- some cool Vanessa Adler Flips, fun flick, same story - wanna be olympian has eating problems

Gymkata- yeah my ex teammate Kurt Thomas wows em with gymnastics but the acting in this flick is NOT Oscar material- still cool flips- action

**Dream to Believe- really different (always say something nice), Keanu Reeves obviously at the VERY start of his carreer, some groovey 80 gymnastics in this one though the film itself STINKS- NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME December 2010.

Making an Elite- Excellent training guide for coaches!!  over 3hrs of Mary Wright training plans etc in the gym, with JC Phelps, Amanda Borden, Robin Phelps

Touched by an Angel show- Nadia, Bart and Kerry. Fluff piece but Kerry is good after the ankle injury

Reach for the Sky- film on choosing,gymnasts the training, meets prep and finally a medal. actually good for the age and hard to find item

Trading Places,  good for age, very cool trade 3 russians go to england & 3 english go to Russia great training comparisons.

Spitfire, dvd, very cool action gymnastics movie, Kristie Phillips makes her acting debut and is pretty good as a tough quick to to fight gymnast. She is in great form in this 1994 movie.

Stick- It, dvd, interesting flick , possible world champion walks out comes back etc. great flips and moments from Liukin,Patterson and more.

Childhood & Racing Towards Athens, special coverage of training etc to make the Olympic Team for China, very good.

Carly Patterson-Life after Athens

Sugar and Spice, vcd, excellent docu. of three canadian gymnasts. The harships of Elite status, training, eating disorders etc.

Poetry in Motion, vcd, very interesting docu of how Australian gymnastics has become a power to be aware of.

Lila Pokopayeva. 2006 documentary, vcd, russian, pretty cool footage of her younger years, marriage etc.

Cathy Rigby documentary, very good , english, great docu of her personal and gymnastics life.

Georgia-Under the Lights, Great documentary of the Georgia Gymdawgs features Courtney Kuppets her sister and many other former Elite gymnasts. A must see!

American Anthem, movie, english, 1hr 51 min.

The Red Files, documentary on russian gymnasts includes Korbut, english, 30 min.

Mystery and Magic of Nadia, documentary, english, 39 min.

Carol Johnston-Lefty, great documentary of the famous Cal State Fullerton one armed gymnast, 45 min.

Secrets of Deva, very good documentary, training 6 years and up getting ready for the first competitions.

2012 Aly Raisman Documentary, good, approx. 1 hour 20 min.
       Gabby Douglas on Oprah Next Chapter, good, 20 min.

I never say Excellent Quality, I prefer to leave room for others opinions. This way everyone is satisfied. Questions or requests are very welcome.

Please contact me at the email address provided, and sign the guest book!!! Let me know what youré looking for or if there´s a trade you want to make.

Thanks For Looking and Have A Great Day!!! Michael

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