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-for the ultimate in artistic gymnastics dvds-



1980 World Cup, women, watchable 

1980 USA Olympic Trials, women, watchable, no sound, 50 min.

1980 Olympics, Team, AA,  women, HV, good for age, almost every gymnast in each event for the AA, also Japanese coverage, 1hr 53 min. EF women, fair + for age, no commentary audience reaction and floor music, 50 min

1980 Olympics, VCD, Team, good some picture problems, english, 39min.

1980 Nadia Mix- clips from 1975  euros, 80 olympics romanian team -floor compulsories & nadia- bars compulsory, 1 short documentary

1980 Coca Cola Invitational, women, very good for age

1981 USA Nationals All Around women, English, fair quality,  45 inutes.

1981 USA Nationals, Event Finals M/W, English good for age, 1hr 7 minutes.

1981 World Championships, Team, AA, EF, women, fair + for age, english,

1981 European Championships, highlites women EF, fair + for age, 52 min.1982 World Cup, VCD women, EF, good for age, french, 47 min.

1982-1988 USA Nationals, women partial men, fair to good, english, also partial juniors

1982 USA vs USSR, women, good for age

1983 Caesers Palace Invitational, women, English, good for age, 1hr 25 minutes.features Dianne Durham, M L Retton, K Johnson, J McNamera, T. Talavera.

1983 European Championships, women, AA, EF, good for age, Dutch coverage

1983 Olympics Test Event, VCD,women, 25min.

1983 USA vs Russia, women, HV

1983 World Championships, Team, AA, EF, women, fair + for age, german, 4hrs 30min.

1984 USA Olympic Trials, women, good for age, english, 48min.

1984 Olympics, Team, AA, EF, women, very good, english, 3hrs 21min  w/.specials
NEW- Team compulsory, Finals, All Around, Event Finals, women, european coverage

1984 Olomouc- Alternative Games Special/Documentary, m/w

1985 DTB Cup, good for age

1985 Europeans, good for age

1985 American Cup, good, men-women, Mary Lou Retton feature

1985 USA World Championship Trials, women, good, english, 1hr.
mary lou at american cup 1985

1985 World Championships, Team, AA, EF, women, english, approx. 4hrs

1986 USA vs Russia, women, very good, english, 42min.

1986 World Cup, AA, EF women, fair, english, 40 min

1986 Worlds Fair, VCD, women, fair +, japanesse, 1 hr 5 min.

1987 Chunichi Cup, VCD, women, AA, EF, fair to good for age, Japanesse coverage, 1 hr

1987 European Championships, VCD, women, partial AA, EF , 30min

1987 World Championships, VCD, women, compulsory routines, 45 min.

1987 World Championships- VCD,Team, EF, women, good for age, also Romanian Team floor VCD

1987 World Championships, VCD, AA, E.F., women, good for age, usa coverage- english, 54 min.

1987 Soviet Display, good for age

1988 USA Nationals, women, good, english, 1hr.

1988 Olympic Trials, women, fair+, english, approx. 1hr

1988 Olympics, Team, AA, EF, women, good
minus(team), very good AA,EF, english, 3hrs

1980 misc. meets: USAIGC; Sports Festivals, misc clips, women, fair + to good, english

1989/90/92 European Championships, highlites women, fair to good, english, total 1hr 30min.

1989 American Cup, womens prelims, HV, vcd, fair + for age

1989 European Championships, EF, women, english

1989 International Junoirs Championships, women, very good, japanese coverage

1989 World Championships Podium Training, women, h.v. 

1989 World Championships, Team women-english, fair, AA, EF women- japan coverage, very good, total 5 hrs 45 min.


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