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-for the ultimate in artistic gymnastics dvds-

The 60s and 70s

1966 Worlds, EF, vcd, women, very good for age, english, 25 min.

1967 Europeans and 1968 USSR Nationals- Russian, 10 minutes, very good for age.

1968 Olympics, womens highlites,vcd,  espn classics

1970 World Championships, women, vcd, very good for age,no commentary, 25 min.

1972 Olympics, EF, women, no commentary, 25 min.

1974 World Championships, Team , All Around highlights, documentary type video, Russian, 13 minutes.

1974 World Championships, EF, women, no commentary, 25 min.

1976 American Cup, good, 25 min.

1976 Olympics, AA, EF, women, no commentary, floor music and audience, 3 1/2 hrs.

1976 Olympics, Team, women, mix of USSR, DDR, USA, Romania, vcd HV.1976 USSR Display, women, vcd, 18min.

1977 USA vs Romania, features Nadia, women, good for age, english, 30 min.

1977 Champions All, women´s AA highlites, vcd, 22min.

1977 World Cup, women, fair+, s
panish, 2hrs 47 min.
Lisa Cawthorn

1978 Romanian Display, features Nadia, English, fair quality, 15 minutes.

1978 World Championships, All Around, English, fair quality, 55 minutes.

1978 World Championships, Team, AA, EF, women, fair + for age, spanish, AA english, 2hrs 30 min.

1978 Romanian Nationals, womens AA, english, fair +, vcd, also has the 1980 junior europeans

1978 Moscow News Russian Team- documentary type coverage of the girls preparing for the competition

1978 Chunichi Cup and 1979 Russian Team Exhibition, VCD, women, good, total 39 min.

1979 European Championships, highlites women, good for age, english, 30 min.

1979 World Cup, women- Comaneci, Johnson, Kim., good for age, japanesse coverage

1979 World Championships, Highlites women + Nadia feature, english, 1h

1979 World Championships, Team women, fair, japan coverage, 35 min

1979 Champions All, women, fair + , english, 32 min. features K. Johnson, N. Comaneci

1979 USSR Display, vcd, russian women exhibition in London

1979 Moscow News, vcd, womens AA, japanese coverage

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